January 12, 2014

Kids Play Alphabets Available On Google Play Store

Announcing the release of Kids Play Alphabets on Google Play. Its a sequel of our existing Kids Play Math android app, however this app targets pre-school kids and help them learn and memorize alphabets, capital letter, small letters, finding a missing letter. A memory game is included as well. Both paid and free versions are available on Google Play Store.

Hadith Collection Launched At Google Play

We launched Hadith Collection for android on Google Play. Its a free Islamic app containing ahadith of Project Muhammad (محمد (صلى الله عليه و سلم (Peace Be Upon Him). The app contains most accepted and authentic Hadith books including Sahih Bukhari صحيح البخاري, Sahih Muslim صحيح مسلم, Sunan Abu Dawud سنن أبي داود and Malik's Muwatta موطأ مالك.

December 15, 2013

Uthmani (Usmani) Script and Indo-Pak Asian Font Available For Free

Nothing feels like keeping your promise. We are very pleased to announce the release of Holy Quran Pro and Lite versions 1.5. Both now have Uthmani (Usmani) script and Indo-Pak (Asian, Persian) font available. Both Pro and Lite versions are released on Google Play and should be visible in couple of hours.

150,000 Holy Quran Android Downloads

Holy Quran Android Lite achieved 150,000 downloads with hundreds of download on daily basis. Thank you all for your support and making Holy Quran app one of the top downloaded Quran app. Keep reading, understanding and practicing Quran. May Allah guide us to the right path. Ameen.

November 29, 2013

Uthmani (Usmani) Script, Indo-Pak Font For Holy Quran

Quarter Pi is committed to add more and more features to Holy Quran app. We are close on adding Uthmani (Usmani) script and Indo-Pak (Asian) font in both Pro and Free versions of Holy Quran for android app. Updated versions of both the Pro and Lite version are expected to be release on Google Play mid next week.

October 3, 2013

Find Lost Phone With Android Device Manager

What? You placed your android phone some where and forgot again? And its in silent mode?

No problem you can find it easily by following the steps below.

On your computer open Google Play in browser.

Press the Settings icon at far right of the page.

Click on Android Device Manager.

Next screen should list all your phones registered with Google Store. Choose the one […]

September 7, 2013

Classic Childhood Board Game Ludo Free

All time favorite childhood classic board game Ludo (Pachisi, Parcheesi) is now available on mobile. Play Ludo with your phone or your friends using your mobile.

August 31, 2013

Free Islamic Stories For Android Launched

We are happy to announce that Islamic Stories app for android phones and tablets has been launched today. App has one of the largest collection of free Islamic Stories. Customizable font size for easy reading. So what are you waiting for grab your copy of the app now from Google Play.

100,000 Downloads Of Holy Quran Lite Achieved.

We are glad to announce that Holy Quran Lite just passed 100,000 downloads. We are thankful to you all for the support and wish everyone a very happy Eid.

July 13, 2013

Quran Alert For Android Launched

We are glad to announce the launch of Quran Alert for Android. A beautiful app that allows you to receive faith refreshing verses and quotes from Holy Quran on your android phone or tablet, without the need of internet connectivity. So now you can start your day with a beautiful verse of Quran. Schedule with any keyword and see a verse of the day according to you scheduled keyword. Choose translation from many different languages. See the complete feature list at our website or jump straight to Google Play store here.