Project Description

“Verily, Prayer (Salah) is enjoined on the believers to be performed at fixed hours.” Holy-Quran (4:104)

Prayer is the key to Heaven (Jannah). Prayer Time and Qibla for android is a powerful yet simple and easy to use app which informs you about accurate prayer timing and Qibla based on your current location.
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Key features:

    • Automatic detection of your current location with ability to add a location (latitude / longitude) manually.
    • Manage your recent locations and easily switch between these locations.
    • One tap alarm and notification scheduling for any prayer including Fajar, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib, Isha.
    • Accurate Qibla direction based on your current location.
    • View prayer times for current whole month.
    • Today’s date according to Hijri calendar with ability of adjusting days.
    • View important events in an Islamic year.
    • Different prayer calculation methods to choose from.
    • Fajar and Isha prayers time adjustments options for high latitudes locations like UK, Denmark, Canada etc. One Seventh, Angle Based, and times based on Middle of the Night
    • Fajar and Isha time customizations.
    • Pre-Alert time customization for getting a gentle notification before any prayer.
    • Multiple beautifully designed themes.
    • Support for both phones and tablet
    • Support for both portrait and landscape modes.

NOTE: Requires Location Services to be switched ON & Google Play Services to work.