Project Description

The title says it all. Kids Play Alphabets Lite, is an amazing app for your preschools kids. It helps them learn while they enjoy playing. With this app your kid will learn alphabets, capital letter, small letters. Finding the correct order of the alphabets. Finding missing letters. You can choose the teacher to be a male or female as well as United States (US) English or British (UK) English. Supported for both android phones and tablets.

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Key Features:

    ✓ Learn alphabets
    ✓ Learn capital letters
    ✓ Learn small letters
    ✓ Correcting alphabet order
    ✓ Finding missing letters
    ✓ Memory Game (Find a match)
    ✓ Choose voice from US or UK English voices
    ✓ Choose voices from Female or Male voices
    ✓ Magic splash screen
    ✓ Phone shake (Enable / Disable)
    ✓ app2sd.

Keywords: Kids, Games, Alphabets, Cognitive Skills, Memory Stills, Balloons, Flowers, Preschool.